Level 3 update

To steal a phrase off someone famous, welcome to the beginning of the end !

The teams at Photo Warehouse and Photo&Video hope you have made it through the last three weeks with your sanity intact and all of those jobs you intended to do 'when you had time' completed.

This company is owned and staffed by proud Kiwis and we have huge admiration for the work that is being done to keep us all safe, and the discipline shown by everyday folk to make it all work so we can get back to a more normal life.

Here is the plan for all of the Photo Warehouse stores, and Photo&Video in Christchurch.

When the country enters level 3 we will open for on line sales ( delivered to your home or work ) or click and collect, so products ordered on line but picked up in a contactless manner at the stores. More details on this below.

It is out intention to have some staff , in the correct prescribed safe manner, in the stores from 10-3 on work days. We won't do this on Sundays as courier pick up won't be possible on Sundays. During the level 3 period the team in store will happily take your calls on all of the normal phone numbers for each store.

The emails that will get you in contact with the right people for on line sales, for both stores, are manned full time. The staff that look after them are weirdos that hardly ever sleep, so you can email them any time. You may have also noticed that the Photo Warehouse has been testing a 'live chat' function on their web site. The guy that answers those is also a bit odd, so you may get an answer immediately if he is awake. So websales@photowarehouse.co.nz for Photo Warehouse and teaboy@photo.co.nz for Photo&Video. If you wish to ask about trading your gear for new stuff that email is still trade@photowarehouse.co.nz .

Everyone who has ordered on line whilst we have been closed will have their products sent to them the second the couriers are running. You will ( hopefully ) have had an email from the on line team telling you if the product you have ordered is available now. Thanks for your patience whilst we haven't been able to deliver.

So some details now to make your on line or click and collect purchase run smoothly.

Each store will have provision for you to pick up in a contactless fashion. Now, we don't have any dodgy clients, but to protect you ( and us ) from fraudulent card users , you will need the card that has been used for the purchase with you, and a form of ID , on pick up. We will have a system where you can pop them on a table and the team will confirm the ID before you pick up your parcel.

Needless to say, we will ensure all boxes we dispatch are as clean as we can possibly make them.

If it suits you better to pay by direct credit directly into our account then please order as normal, don't complete payment, and one of our team will contact you by return email. Another option here is to not order on line at all and just email your shop of choice and we will reply promptly. We will then forward the account details and confirm availability. With modern banking systems that payment often appears virtually instantly so this process should not hold up your purchase too much.

All of the used goods that are listed on both websites are held at Photo&Video in Christchurch, so to save an extra person being involved please email the teaboy@photo.co.nz address if it's about used goods.

If you have organised all of those digital images over lock down and you have a file on your desk top called 'to print' then our Real Photos portal will get you through to our on line printing service. You can order on line and have them delivered, or order on line and pick up at the safe pick up points at our stores. Link here http://realphotos.co.nz/. If you do wish to pick up at one of the stores PLEASE remember to select the right shop, not point in rocking up to Jonathans in Dunedin if your prints are in Queen Street.

Lastly, and this is important. We have hundreds of things in store that are not on the website. In a world where a new camera comes out every ten minutes it's nearly impossible to keep everything up to date. If you are after anything, ink, paper, lens hoods, cameras, etc etc that you DON'T see listed, please contact your store of choice. Any branch can see the stock of the other branches, so they will be able to tell you if we have a product and where it is.

Here is to NZ's progress to level 2, and may it be here soon !

All the best

Everyone at Photo Warehouse and Photo&Video

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