Rumoured to be New Zealand's last ‘real’ photo store, Photo & Video stock new and used cameras as well as having a top notch photo lab and a massive stock of bags , tripods and accessories.

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    Something old, something new, and something green. Plus a bit of NZ photo history. Details below in the comments.
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    Anyone want to super size their full frame Nikon ? Nice examples just in, one D3 has been here a while, the other two are fresh :)
  • Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Camera with 24-70mm Lens and FTZ Adapter Kit | Mirrorless System Cameras - 109421338461_10156341251863462
    Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Camera with 24-70mm Lens and FTZ Adapter Kit | Mirrorless System Cameras
    Things happen over the weekend by magic, I didn't even notice Nikons new Z6 sneak down in price, and now the kit with adaptor, 24-70 and bonus card sneaks under $5k.
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    No one likes change, me least of all , as I'm old. We have had a fantastic stream of folk over the years that have been part of the P&V family. Annie, Gary, Matt, Scottie, Nick, the list goes on & on, and we love them all. Everyone in their own way has contributed to the store, and yet we still roll with all of those changes. Sadly we are going to lose Dakota and Jeffrey early 2019, so if you want to come join the crew please send an email to the teaboy. If you have sent a CV in the last 4 months I have those on hand. These jobs WILL include one weekend day, so please bear that in mind.
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    There are two really hard to get items in this image but one of them is invisible. The obvious one is the Sony A7III bodies, we have two in stock now !! The less obvious one is the Fuji 8-16 lens that Dakota took this image with, we have two units of that available now too !
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    Do you think there is more chance Santa will bring you a Leica M10 if it's slightly used ? This beautiful M10 sold new by us not so long ago. Glass includes an earlier, but very nice 50mm Summicron, and a nearly new Summarit 35mm f2.4 ( cleverly balanced on the old blokes head )
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    Short notice this one , in fact it started yesterday. Nikon are doubling the cash back offer that is currently running this weekend. If someone near to you is seeking a new camera there are some great deals. My favourite is the D5600 + Tamron 18-200 kit that's already cheap, and Nikon are giving you $200 cash back !
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    The best Sony trade in kit ever ? Pretty hard to beat this lot, A7RIII, 16-35 f4, 90mm, 70-200 f4 , 24-105 f4 ( which is just about impossible to buy new ) Sigma adapter, 100-400 Siggie in Canon mount, Godox flash. What a set up, anyone want the whole lot ??
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    Anyone want a new camera and a chance to win their money back ?? To celebrate Xmas, our new flyer coming out, and our birthday, we are offering all clients between Dec 1st and January 31st a refund on their purchase, with a ceiling of $1500 per branch. This promotion also applies to all Photo Warehouse branches, and on line sales, so one chance to win per branch ! Details below.
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    Photos from Photo & Video International's post
    The 3rd of December just happens to be our birthday. There has been a few changes in the last couple of years, but the company does turn 30 today. These shots from our very first Press feature on the 7th of Dec 1988. We have had a great ride, made all the more fun by all of the characters that have been part of the P&V family, both on our team and clients. Some of you have been with us since day 1. The client in the image is Jules, the staff member a very young Scott Mosen on his first day out of school. Thanks for all of your support, we may squeeze another few years out of this baby yet !!