About Photo & Video International

 Phone 03 3557534 or 0800 camera

Photo&Video International is a photographic retailer and professional C-41 lab, serving a large customer base throughout New Zealand and overseas. It has operated from its present location in Christchurch, New Zealand, since it was founded in December 1988.

We stock and sell new and used photographic and video equipment, for both amateurs and professionals. We also stock a complete range of accessories and consumable items such as filters, film, paper and chemistry, etc. We have recently added studio&LED lighting to our ever growing range of products.

We pride ourselves in:

  1. being able to supply anything photographic to anyone, anywhere!
  2. flexible and friendly service - bending over backwards to please our faithful and ever-growing customer base
  3. doing a million things at once, while still maintaining a reasonable degree of composure

Photo&Video International is a New Zealand owned and operated business.