Mounting options (including canvas)

Last updated August 2019

Canvas prints (printed and stretched off-site)

Canvas prints are supplied mounted and stretched onto frames, with 40mm (default) and 20mm frame depths available. You also have a range of edge designs - the canvas can be printed with a simple white or black edge, we can mirror the image over the edge, mirror over the edge with a blur, or wrap the image over the edge. Custom sizes are available on request.

A4 $135
A4+ $147
A3 $159
A3+ $179
A2 $199
A2+ $239
A1 S279
A1+ S327

Box mounted prints (printed and mounted off-site)

Box mounted prints are supplied mounted and framed, ready to hang. The print is mounted onto a rigid board, and has less texture than a canvas prints which makes it more suited to detailed, high-resolution images. The box mounts come in standard black, or white, cream, metallic and euro (beige) colours.

A4 $85
A4+ $100
A3 $115
A3+ $130
A2 $145
A2+ $185
A1 $210
A1+ $265

Block mounted prints (printed and mounted off-site)

These are printed on our photographic paper and mounted on a ready-to-hang block. The block is NZ-made from 18mm MDF with a high quality satin finished edge, available in black, white or silver. Keyholes in the back are pre-cut to allow portrait or landscape hanging, with a 25mm screw supplied. A pH neutral adhesive ensures the print will last.

4x4" $14.95
6x4" $15.95
5x7" $19.95
6x6" $19.95
6x8" $22.95
8x8" $24.95
8x10" $28.95
8x12" $32.95
10x10" $34.95

What about an old-fashioned photo frame?

We keep a range of frames in-store, ranging in size from 4x4" to large matted 12x18" frames. Our timber frames are New Zealand made, and we also stock a range of imported metal frames. If you have any specific requirements, call us to ask about our options. Custom frame sizes can be ordered.