Will you be the lucky Canon EOS R buyer to win their money back?

How about a new EOS R for free ?

We are pleased ( and amazed ! ) to offer one lucky EOS R buyer their money back.

Not many rules, either purchase , or place a paid order, for a new EOS R body or kit ( maximum of body and 24-105 ) before the end of October 2018 and go into the draw to get your money back.

We only have a few shops , so your odds are great ! If we sell 10 thats a 10% chance of your money back.

Exclusive to Photo Warehouse and Photo and Video, and to celebrate the new EOS R launch further, come and have a play with one on the day before release - 8th of October, in Auckland PW( Great North Rd ) Wellington PW , Christchurch - Photo and Video and Dunedin PW , from 5pm. So free drinks, a few nibbles, a great new camera and the chance to get yours for free, not a bad offer !

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    The Leica tragics out there will remember the Leica Q 'Snow' edition we had, and sold , a while back. Whilst limited editions can seem a bit silly, those Snow edition Q's are now fetching more than new retail. The latest limited edition Q is not white, it's brown. Khaki in fact. $8499, arriving soon, and only two units allocated to NZ !
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    No surprises here, the F6 has turned into an F5, a really nice F5, that comes complete with a roll of Velvia in it ! This F5 also has the big MN-30 battery and charger. $790.00 The X-Pro 1 & 35mm f1.4 will be listed soon. The silver thing in the middle is an unusual lens we don't see much, a Rokinon ( Samyang ) 50mm f1.2 Fuji X, in box like new, $595.00.
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    Leica IIIa with mechanical drive...nice.