Sony Alpha April 2018

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    Not sure if i have posted this previously but we got $1998 worth of very sharp wide angle goodness today, I think this is the first time we have had this Art series Sigma in Nikon mount.
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    This big bird flew in today, very nice AFS 600mm f4 Nikon , it belonged to a very good shooter and a good friend of the store. Case, hood, a really nice 600mm users lens. $7995.00
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    Adam is holding a used Leica TL2 with the most amazing 50mm Summilux ( TL2 & SL mount ) this has just come in used, but is boxed and perfect. Pricing soon. This combo looks crazy but the images ( at an effective 75mm f1.4 ) are amazing. Now, before I get told off I should say that this is not actually like a 75mm f1.4 on full frame, ( but it's close enough for me ). The used pricing will show significant savings on new, and we will split it up of course, if you just want the lens.