Panasonic Lumix G - Bonus 25mm lens

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No redemption necessary - we hand you your free 25mm f1.7 lens over the counter!

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    Monday morning Leica porn. Got here this morning and there was a man with a box tucked under his arm. In the box was a Leica M-P ( 240 ) Leica code 10-773 and Leica APO 90mm f2 11-884. Camera has done around 1000 frames but will confirm when we work out how to frame count it.
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    Anyone want to be a cool kid this weekend ? We just got this very smart Olympus Pen FT , 38mm f1.8, hood, case for camera and lens, moderately rare Pen 50-90 zoom, the meter works about as well as they did when they were new, ( terribly ) and it all goes. This is a very smart usable half frame kit. $590 all up, and no , we will not split the zoom out of this kit, you have to buy the whole lot.
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    The triplets have arrived. Three interesting trades, normally I would say 'mint and boxed' but this guy wasn't a box collector. The lenses are very tidy though, Fuji X 100-400 $2600, Sony 70-300 E SSM G $1400, and an unusual but very nice Sigma 150mm f2.8 EX macro in Canon at $895.