Panasonic Lumix G - Bonus 25mm lens

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No redemption necessary - we hand you your free 25mm f1.7 lens over the counter!

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    Two very exotic Nikon lenses arrived today, couldn't stop the boys from playing with them. Both like new with hoods, and boxes ( that we don't have yet but can deliver later ) the 28mm has only been used once. Both lenses also feature B+W UV's. Nikon AFS 105mm f1.4 and 28mm f1.4, details below.
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    This post has two purposes, the first is to assure our clients that Adam does have more than one shirt. There has been concerns raised that he is unpaid slave labour and that slightly patterned one is the only one he has. The second purpose is to show you this smart Olympus kit that's come in , including 75-300 and 17mm f1.7.
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    There a few questions raised by todays post. Is Adam actually going to do any real work today ? Why is he using this nice Nikon R1C1 flash kit to shoot lollies ? Will the Teaboys concerns over his behaviour and dress code ever be resolved ? How much is the R1C1 kit ? Answers below.