Canon - Summer Specials

Canon Summer Specials
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    Some good news to brighten a gloomy Thursday, the Sony A7RIII is back in stock and we can also offer the FE50mm f1.4 Zeiss/Sony as well. Richard looks particularly pleased ( Richard has just swapped to Sony mirrorless for his own gear as it happens )
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    Just in case you were wondering, we got a shipment from Leica today and yes we do have the M10 black + 50mm Lux in stock, and we do have my favourite, the CL black with 18mm panacake. Can ship today still if you are quick :)
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    Laurie, our Tui man , has changed breeds, just to prove his backyard is multi cultural he snapped this visitor today. Laurie leaves his E-M1 Olympus with 300mm f4 on his kitchen table ready to go every day.