Broncolor Trade in Power Pack

Broncolor Trade in Power Pack

Is your power pack showing its age?
Treat yourself to the latest broncolor studio lighting equipment and save up to 30%!

Return a power pack from any brand and save 25% / 30% on the latest broncolor Scoro family including Unilite and Pulso G lamps!
Between 17 August – 30 October 2020

The broncolor Scoro is the most advanced power pack series and the ideal partner for intensive studio shooting. Together with the original Pulso G and Unilite lamps it provides ultimate versatility, constant light quality as well as power and precision with an impressive speed.

This timely limited special deal allows you to trade in your aged power packs and to receive an instant discount on the latest broncolor Scoro, Pulso G and Unilite products. The same number of power packs – regardless of manufacturer – with up to three compatible lamps must be returned to the distributor to qualify for the following trade-in discounts.

Save 30% off this price with a Trade in

The Broncolor 1600 watt/second Unilite flash head has a sturdy aluminium housing grip, and bayonet mount with automatic lock for interchangeable reflectors... more details

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