Hedler H-06 650W Head inc Lamp

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Details for Hedler H-06 650W Head inc Lamp

Tungsten-Halogen light with one socket and without Forced Air Cooling - perfect for DV and AV. Full lighting power but no cooling fan noise. Amazing!.

A high continuous light output power combined with a constant colour temperature - allows the use of conversion filters while using analog film and the use of a white balance preset (important for series or documentation) for Digital Imaging.

Nearly all the latest Hedler reflectors, MaxiSoftboxes, Reflex Umbrellas and accessories can be used (please take note of the heat resistance of the desired reflector). Such a wide range of opitions means, every wanted lighting mood is possible - in the Studio or on location. If you need a less powerful light, it´s possible to use Tungsten-Halogen lamps with lower output power.

The H 06 generates with one lamps up to 650 Watt and is compatible with digital and analog cameras


  • Technical Data:
  • 650 Watts @ approx. 3400 Kelvin, safety glass, U-Bracket with Friction Brake and Gravity Adjustment, Uni-Adapt System for Interchangeable
  • Reflectors, Quick Lock Light Stand Attachment 5/8", non-detachable Fuse Holder, Metal housing, designed for Continuous Operation.
  • AC power supply 100 - 250 V / 50 - 60 Hz
  • Lamp voltage ---
  • max. Lighting Output Power in Watts ... 230 - 250 V 650 W
  • max. Lighting Output Power in Watts ... 100 - 115 V 650 W
  • Lighting angle without reflector app. 72º
  • Ambient temperature -10º - +50º C
  • Material of housing aluminium
  • AC Motor ---
  • DC Motor ---
  • Forced Air Cooling standard ---
  • Forced Air Cooling automatic ---
  • Fuse / Ampere max. 1x F 4 A
  • Attachment to Light Stand 5/8"
  • Weight 2300 gram
  • Measurements w/o U-Bracket Length x Width x Height 220 x 165 x 180 mm
  • Length power cord 3,5 m
  • Sound recording x
  • Thermo-Safety-Switch x
  • Certification ---