Sekonic Speedmaster L-858D-U Light Meter

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Details for Sekonic Speedmaster L-858D-U Light Meter

Sekonic Corporation have announced a new flagship SPEEDMASTER L-858D light meter, capable of measuring the short flash bursts of HSS, as well as strobe flash durations!

Featuring a 2.7? full color touch screen display, the L-858D also brings back exchangeable radio modules (currently available for Elinchrom, Phottix, and PocketWizard), so you won’t need a different light meter for each flash system (as the L-478D series requires).

With High Speed Sync (HSS) capability almost a must have feature now for light manufacturers in 2016, Sekonic have stepped up to produce a light meter capable of measuring flash duration data, and the brief flash bursts of HSS.

This no doubt boosts Sekonic’s own relevance into the near future, though in turn also helps to make off-camera HSS flash technology even more practical for end users, who will no longer have to rely so much on trial and error (or chimping) to set manual HSS exposures.

“A pioneer in the space, the L-858D now offers flash duration measurement, providing critical flash data needed to calculate proper ambient-flash exposure. Also, as it’s name implies, the SPEEDMASTER L-858D has the capability to measure the brief flash bursts of High Speed Sync (HSS) for precision flash exposure control, making it an essential tool for photographers utilizing this game changing technology.

Break Through Boundaries

The L-858D builds off the popular L-478D series features and function sets that enable photographers to break through the boundaries of ISO sensitivity, flash and ambient shutter speeds, as well as frame rates (f/s) and shutter angles for cinematographers.


  • HSS Flash Measurements
  • Flash Duration Measurements
  • Optional Radio Transmitter Modules for Elinchrom, Phottix, & PocketWizard
  • 2.7” Color Dot Matrix Touch Screen Interface
  • Exposure Profiling
  • Extended ISO Range ISO 3 to ISO 13,107,200 + ISO 850
  • Expanded Shutter Speed Range 30m – 1/16,000s for fFlash Light
  • Expanded Shutter Speed Range 30m – 1/64,000s for Ambient Light
  • Full HD Cine & CINE mode: 1 to 1000 f/s and 1 to 358° Shutter Angle
  • Connectivity with MAC/PC DTS Software for Firmware Upgrades, Custom Settings, & Exposure Profiling

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