Ross Grieve – A Moving to Mirrorless Discussion

Ross Grieve – A Moving to Mirrorless Discussion

In-store talk, 5-7pm, Thursday 5th December 2019.

Details also posted on our Facebook event page - click here.

 After making the jump from DSLR to Mirrorless cameras 5 years ago, Ross is frequently asked how he made a smooth transition that didn’t effect his business. Ross shares his journey and more importantly why he changed his DSLR for a mirrorless system.

The ways to capture images are forever growing; with new technology and techniques on the horizon, join as he explains why he switched to mirrorless and how it’s benefited his work.

With a great insight into using mirrorless cameras on client shoots and his impressive results, Ross helps with the fear of making the leap from DSLR to Mirrorless.

With this new insight on mirrorless systems is it time you make the leap?”

Visit Ross's website at:

  • A new world, upstairs ! - 109421338461_10156968210918462
    A new world, upstairs !
    That's it, a huge effort from the team in store today, we are far from perfect, but we are ready ! Thanks to the team from Photo Warehouse ChCh who came and helped today. Come visit, upstairs in the Mall, or there is a door off the street.
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    After 31 years in the old shop what would you expect the biggest lemon we might discover would be ? How about a Nokia cassette driven control unit for making audio visual shows with multiple slide projectors ? What numpty would order these and not sell them ? I think this may have been over $800 ! Free to a good home, or $25 if we have to freight it.
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    I apologise for the lack of posts, even FB has been telling me I'm slack. The whole team in store has been flat out, the shift has been epic. We had no idea how much stock ( junk ) we had in drawers and boxes. I will get it all out for sale at free or close over the next few weeks. In the meantime call in see us, upstairs in the Mall, easy to find, there are only two shops in the Mall and if they offer to blow wave your hair you are in the wrong one. I am a bit one eyed, but I reckon the shop looks amazing. No photos until I get time to take some decent ones.