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Same mall, same car park, now upstairs!

It has happened, at last, after 31 years in the old store, and a year planning this one, we are in ! Come and visit, we are upstairs in the same Mall. There is a lift and stairs in the center of the Mall, and doors onto Papanui Road. It's pretty posh, and there are huge cabinets full of goodies.

Our 'Official' new address is:

Photo&Video, Level 1, 195 Papanui Road, Merivale, Christchurch 8014


Other News

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    Teaboy on tour, 3 guesses where, have to say I was 99% sure I would bring a LUMIX G9 and the new 10-25 but whilst it's fantastic it is a size. In the end settled for the Pen F and super sharp 12mm f2, great walk about kit !
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    August Deals
    The end of August fast approaches, and it seems lots of the suppliers are ending promos this month. We all know there will be new ones, but Harriette has kindly compiled a page to let you know what's coming to an end. The Canon printer/ink promo is still the outstanding value one I reckon !
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    A really nice example of a camera that didn't take the world by storm, but people who own them love them. We don't get many of these, but to some clients they are the perfect 'thing'. 3 batteries, half case, excellent order, this Leica X-Vario is $1850.00.