Live Streaming Essentials

Whether you are an online content creation professional, or someone who likes to share baking tips with your relatives. We are in a century of sharing information on the internet.

With the Insta 360 One X2, you can easily share the views of your morning walk, or the beef wellington you are about to make from scratch. Go live with data, or Wi-Fi, let the world have it. It's water proof, if you are planning a live concert in the tub that is totally possible as well.

1017249If 360 action camera is not your cup of tea, the Sony A6400 you have at home is more like the gear you are comfortable to go with. No problem, connect it with the Elgato Camlink, convert your mirrorless professional camera to a ultra clear webcam.

Share the world through that tiny Aps-C sensor and show off the colourful kitchen you've decorated just for the live streaming occasion.

1016000.v1N2icUsu4EPBR5RYLsetw1015073.vn98tXayHDb1DYrdyl255wOther than the ring light, LED panel is another good option if you also would like to demo some products or your workout skills. Yes, both lights come with bonus light stand.

1014882.vZx2F7X9wH4C1661jSwuVSQ1015445.vKj9XuV8ObuRFcbOtFmQqRQMore and more companies are making high quality wireless microphone, so does Godox. The leading lighting company has brought out some great microphones, such as this one, the Godox Movelink M1 wireless microphone. If you are going to walk around while streaming, try using wireless microphone to get your the consistent good audio output.

1018464.vtjTDoxFANiTHHdOUYEbFzgDon't forget to get a nice, light weight tripod to connect all of these in one. Mefoto Roadtrip S Carbon tripod can even be converted to a monopod! That means if you want to walk around while streaming, it's easier than you thought.


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