Introducing: Air Direct Wireless Tethering System

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Shoot further, faster, from anywhere to your software of choice
Advanced tethering technology empowers you to shoot directly to Capture One, Lightroom, Smart Shooter, DarkRoom, Helicon, AstroDSLR and more.
• RAW and JPEG transfer to Mac and PC
• Any USB Tether Camera
• Any Tethering Software
• 802.11AC Wi-Fi connection
• USB-C technology for lightning fast transfer

5x Faster - The latest USB-C technology coupled with 802.11 AC wireless protocol for 5X faster transfer speed. TetherPro Cables for all supported cameras* included. *Phase One Cable Kit sold separate.

Raw&Jpeg Transfer - Transfer any image file directly from your camera to your computer with Wireless PTP. No watch folders. No hot folders.

Your Software. No Compromises - Air Direct provides all native features in your tether software of choice. Adjust camera settings, LiveView, overlay, capture.Rate and tag images right in
your own catalog.

Power How You Work - Top loading battery for quick access. DC port for external USB Battery Packs or uninterrupted A/C power. Hot swap power and Air Direct remains connected. No downtime.

Dual Band, Greater Range -2.4GHz or 5GHz bandwidth for faster transmission, further distance and less environmental interference. Dual high-powered internal antennas for greater range.

Robust Mobile App - Go Mobile with Air Direct’s robust app for instant image visibility and intuitive camera controls. Change settings, set timelapse and and Bracketing, Shutter Release, movie mode and more with Canon and Nikon.

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