Home Vlogging Essentials

When it comes down to be a home vlogger (or, gardening vlogger, farm vlogger, essential delivery vlogger etc), a decent quality camera and decent audio output matter.

Because vlogging may require you to move from one place to another (Kitchen to lounge), a built-in stabilization system is better than nothing. Sony ZV-E10, a camera that is designed for vloggers, have finally become available to order through our website.

The eye-tracking system, the ultra wide-angle view along with the 10-18mm lens, the direct webcam features. I would like to personally address that ZV-E10 is the winner of entry-level vlogging gears 2021.

1018388.v12DEZ0S8NTyUJzR5A5FlgZV-E10 allows unlimited video recording time, a good size memory card is always good to partner with this amazing camera. Although the camera is using FW50 battery, it lasts a lot longer than using with other previous models.



With the Bluetooth connectivity, ZV-E10 is a perfect match with Sony VPT2BT Bluetooth shooting grip. We have this shooting grip on backorder, as it has been sold out for a while. New stocks are arriving soon.

1015944 B.vuDLY8yDfq27dtQ6tkDcwAlternatively, DJI Ronin SC gimbal will be a great choice too.

1015344.vLXS1idZoNr7CQzwUfasWwAs we may have more accessories to go with the ZV-E10, but Smallrig is still inventing their very first rig for the camera.

A Benro triple cold shoe will ease the lacking of cold shoe space.
Once we have enough space for accessories to attach to the camera, microphones and LED lights becoming unrejectable.

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