GoPRO Hero 8 Black and Max

GoPRP H8 Black TOP

Hero 8 Key Features

- Hero 8 Black is frameless. Now with folding fingers to still fit all old mounts.
- HyperSmooth 2.0 will now work on all modes. Not just on 1080 60.. but HyperSmooth stabilization on 4K 60!
- TimeWarp 2.0 now with Auto TimeWarp will adjust to your speed to produce the perfect TimeWarp setting. Also TimeWarp Ramp – allows you to slow down moments manually during TimeWarp.
- Pre-set options straight out of the box – The biggest question we get asked, what settings should I use? Standard, Action, Cinematic and Slow-mo will give consumers easy pre-set options to better use their camera from the get go.
- 4 Digital Lenses Built In – SuperView, Wide, Linear and Narrow.
- LiveBurst – Captures 1.5 seconds of footage before and after shutter press. Makes it easy to find the best photo out of a 3-second capture or 90 frames (e.g., selfies, family photos and action shots).
- High-Fidelity Audio – Natural sounds, even at high speeds with new front mic and wind noise reduction.
- 1080p Live Streaming.


Max – Key Features
- The Most stabilised GoPro EVER with Max HyperSmooth. Unbreakable stabilisation.
- Small, Light and Versatile – 1.70in Touch screen, folding fingers like the Hero 8. Waterproof to 5M
- Hero mode – shoot it like any other GoPro. Or 360 Mode for Maximum Creativity.
- Max is the Ultimate Vlogging Tool.
- Max TimeWarp in 360.
- 4 Digital Lenses Built In – Max SuperView, Wide, Linear and Narrow
- 6 microphones deliver ambisonic spatial audio.
- 1080p Live Streaming.
- PowerPano photo mode. One button press gets you a 6.2MP, 270 degree panoramic photo. Get artifact-free shots with Power Pano.

- Max Grip (like the fusion Grip) will be sold separate, will not come with the Max purchase. However Max will work with other handles such as the Grande, Shorty, 3Way etc.
- Max comes with protective caps - both clear (so you can use while filming) and closed caps (when not in use).

With Max, don’t think fusion – this has better ease of use, post production on the app is just easier as well as the stitching with 360.



Other News

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